Climate Week 2023

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Gastard Eco Church kicks off the Gastard Climate Week with a Climate Sunday Service at 10am Sunday 8th October. There is an exhibition in the church, open daily from 10am to 4pm ending on Saturday at 4pm 14th October. There are also several not-to-be-missed pop-up events throughout the week. Details follow:

Climate Sunday Service

Sunday 8th October at 10am

There is a morning service at with an address from our Eco Champion on the state of world! The service launches our Climate Week. Hymns, readings and sermon are all aligned with the theme of Caring for God’s Creation.

Climate Exhibition

Sunday 8th – Saturday 14th October from 10am to 4 pm daily

All from our Gastard community and the greater Corsham area are welcome to come in at any time (check the event times though, as the exhibition is in the same space as the events). You will be invited to discover and create a personal plan to use your personal power to help save our environment from ourselves! Exhibition entry is FREE of charge. Donations are welcome of course! Bring your friends too.


Pop-up events are informal talks/ discussions. Check back in case of changes or new last-minute events. All events are FREE of charge. Donations are welcome of course!

Monday, 9th October, 3pm

Eco Projects in Corsham by Steve Abbott. Councillor Steve was the chair of the Town Council last year and chairs the Environmental Task Group and the Active Travel Group. Steve will update us on the environmental work over the Corsham area with the opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

Tuesday, 10th October, 7pm

Up Your Recycling by Felicity Hamilton. Felicity is our Eco Church Recycling Champion and our Plastic-free Corsham community ally lead. It’s not just kerb-side recycling – virtually everything can avoid your landfill bin! Bring your questions and practicality issues to the informal talk and discussion event, and you can become an Eco-saviour!

Wednesday, 11th October, 3pm

Eco Gardens by Jack Peeters. Jack is a keen naturalist familiar to those who have attended Corsham Climate Action’s events at the Pound Arts Centre. Jack leads the Corsham community garden behind the Pound Arts Centre and also chairs the Biodiversity Task Group. This will start in church, but we hope will be largely OUTSIDE in the church grounds and nearby gardens. Ask questions and get tips on increasing the biodiversity of your garden. Dress appropriately!

Thursday, 12th October, 3pm

Bees in the Environment by Emma Morley. Emma is our Gastard beekeeper and will bring local honey for sale. She says we have a plentiful variety of flora which gives the honey fantastic flavour. Emma says “Beekeeping is a passion for me. I love my bees – each and every one of them – and make sure that they are well looked after. To ensure that I am up to date with current practices and also improve my knowledge, I have completed several accredited courses and exams and belong to a local beekeeping association where I help with the education of other beekeepers. I am looking forward to taking further qualifications in the future.”

Thursday, 12th October, 7pm

Make Cycling a Part of Your Life by Richard Moulton. Richard is a founding member of “Spindles” bike shops in Corsham & Whitley (also a cafe). Richard is often seen in Corsham with his electric cargo bike and is part of the Corsham Active Travel Group. Active Travel includes cycling, is good for your health and well-being as well as avoiding pollution, noise and carbon dioxide release associated with fossil-fuelled vehicles. Bring your fears, questions and practicality issues to the informal talk and discussion event, and you can become part of the solution!

Saturday 14th October, 10am

The Litter Picking Team by Jill Baylis. Jill leads our monthly litter pick. We have shifted from our normal 1st Saturday of the month, so it is within Climate Week. If you want to know more, come along, ask your questions, and venture out on a pick with our friendly team – all equipment is provided.