Corsham Church Support Structure

Updated 1 Dec 22


The governance of St Bartholomew’s church has been run successfully for many years through a hierarchy of PCC and Leadership Team meetings. The breadth and intensity of this system and the Bubble structure has served us very well over many years and led to outstanding initiatives and outcomes, all credit to those who inspired, led, and contributed to the overall effort.

However, much has changed and the impact of the pandemic, changes in St Bartholomew’s and Team practice, losses and reductions in volunteer commitment, changes in Church Rules and so on have resulted in the PCC taking stock of the governance requirement and how it should be conducted. The PCC decided that it was now appropriate to streamline governance and thereby to concentrate volunteer effort accordingly.

Revised Governance

The PCC decided that the Leadership Team would be discontinued in favour of appropriate communication by the PCC and, where appropriate, direct reporting by Groups to the PCC. The term Group was also preferred over Committees or Bubbles.

PCC communication to Groups is largely achieved through PCC-Group Leaders membership. It is to be further stimulated by PCC Updates to the Group Leaders (through copies of the Minutes) and the congregation (through Notices, the Team Website and the PCC Update notice board that is currently on trial in the church). Within the PCC, the Rector leads on Mission, Worship and Pastoral Care and the Group Leaders of the Finance and Buildings Groups are PCC Members. The Young Church Group and Admin and Comms Group will update the PCC, either by copying any Group meeting notes/minutes to the PCC Secretary for action or information or by joining the PCC on occasions for a specific reason. The PCC will invite the Groups to report to the APCM.

Links to the Groups:

Administration and Communications

Buildings and Grounds


Young Church