St. Bart’s Buildings and Grounds Group

To manage the fabric of St Bartholomew’s church, the surrounding churchyard, Church House, Ladbrook Chapel and the residential properties in the ownership of the PCC.  To ensure all statutory testing is undertaken and all properties are safe for users.  To provide guidance and support to other groups in the management of Diocesan faculty applications. To provide support to other volunteer groups to ensure the smooth running of the church.

 Areas Covered:

  • Upkeep of St Bartholomew’s Church, Church House, Ladbrook Chapel & other PCC owned properties
  • Management of statutory safety testing across all sites
  • Upkeep and improvement of the southern area of the Churchyard
  • General support on Diocesan faculty applications
  • Support to the Cleaning Teams and Flower Arrangers

What we do:

  • Manage the upkeep of St. Bartholomew’s Church, Church House, Ladbrook Lane Chapel, and two residential properties.
  • Arrange routine maintenance inspections as required by Diocesan and Statutory regulations.
  • Maintain the churchyard in a tidy and safe condition that provides a welcoming environment.
  • Generate policy documentation including that for the CCTV system, Churchyard Regulations and Church House Hire Agreement
  • Support the volunteer flower arrangers through the provision of appropriate equipment.
  • Support the volunteer Cleaning Teams through the provision of appropriate equipment.