St. Bart’s Finance Group

To ensure the church is run on a sound financial footing both in the present and the future in order for it to continue its mission to the congregation and people of Corsham.  It will:

  • Manage the stewardship of the church including Planned Giving, Gift Aid and legacies
  • Monitor regular spending and make recommendations to the PCC.

Areas Covered:

  • Church Financial position
  • Planned Giving, Gift Aid and Legacies
  • Church expenditure
  • Make recommendations to PCC re. spending
  • Liaise on the generation of grant applications
  • Support the work of the Benefice Team Council

What we do:

  • Support the PCC Treasurer to monitor the church’s financial position
  • Support the Planned Giving Officer in the generation of HMRC Gift Aid claims
  • Provide routine reports to the PCC
  • Monitor the administration of existing legacies
  • Work with clergy to plan stewardship campaigns
  • Liaise with other groups regarding the funding of maintenance and improvement projects
  • Provide information regarding planned giving, gift aid, and legacy donations
  • Assist the PCC treasurer in the production of the Annual Report & Accounts
  • Support the generation of routine Diocesan financial returns.