Corsham PCC

Updated 22 Apr 24

The Corsham PCC meets regularly.

A summary of the most recent points from the meeting in Mar 24 can be viewed  in this  document: St Barts PCC Minutes 14 Mar 24 abridged.  Please pass any feedback to the PCC Secretary.

The PCC next meets on Thursday 16th May 2024 at 2pm in Church House; agenda here St Barts PCC Agenda 16 May 2024

The 2024 Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) was held on Sunday 21 April after the morning service.   Finance statement: APCM 24 Finance report; Other reports: APCM 24 report pack;  APCM 23 Minutes.

Minutes of the 2024 APCM: APCM 24 Minutes

The members of the PCC are listed below

Corsham PCC 2024

 Ex-Officio members

Revd Andrew Johnson       Rector, Chair
01249 713232
Revd Victor Howlett    Associate Minister
Fiona Draper Churchwarden;
Parish Safeguarding Officer


    01247 701720  or 07880 715551
John Stott  Churchwarden
  Deanery   Synod Rep 2023-2026
Reg Lambert Deanery Synod Rep 2023-2026
Also PCC Member (2022-2025)

Elected members (up to 12, or as resolved by the APCM from time to time)

Neil Pidduck 2024-2027 Appointed 21 Apr 24
Tony Hall 2024-2027 Re-appointed 21 Apr 24
Nigel Jackson
Chris Reid 2024-2027 Re-appointed 21 Apr 24
Sue Lambert 2023-2026  
Michael Lane 2023-2026  
Joe McGeehan 2023-2026  
L’nora Olney 2023-2026 Verger and Electoral Roll Officer
Hermione Skrine 2023-2026  
Debbie Stott 2024-2027
(Treasurer)   Re-appointed 21 Apr 24