Corsham PCC


The Corsham PCC meets regularly.

A summary of the most recent points from the meeting in Jan 24 can be viewed  in this  document: PCC Update 25 Jan 24  Please pass any feedback to the PCC Secretary.

The PCC next meets on 14h March 2024 at 2pm in Church House.

The 2024 Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) will be held on Sunday 21 April after the morning service. .  Minutes of the 2023 meeting can be read here: APCM 23 Minutes.

The members of the PCC are listed below

Corsham PCC 2022-23

 Ex-Officio members

Revd Andrew Johnson       Rector, Chair
01249 713232
Revd Victor Howlett    Associate Minister
L’nora Olney                              Lay Vice Chair
(Vacancy) Churchwarden  
John Stott  Deanery Synod Rep 2023-2026
Reg Lambert Deanery Synod Rep 2023-2026
Also PCC Member (2022-2025)
(Vacancy) Deanery Synod Rep  

Elected members (up to 12, or as resolved by the APCM from time to time)

Tony Hall 2021-2024  
Nigel Jackson 2022-2025 
Chris Reid 2021-2024  
Sue Lambert 2023-2026  
Michael Lane 2023-2026  
Joe McGeehan 2023-2026  
L’nora Olney 2023-2026  
Hermione Skrine 2023-2026  
Debbie Stott (Treasurer)  2021-2024

Right to attend: Fiona Draper, PSO