Buddy Scheme

Gastard Buddy Scheme - ask for a buddy to help you if you want to go to church.
Gastard Buddy Scheme

Contact the co-ordinator, Jill Kent, on 01249 730981, or BuddyPlease@GastardChurch.org.uk.

For anyone who may be curious and wants to know a bit more about what is involved – this might be for you. Suppose:

  • You don’t know anyone who goes and just want a friend to go with initially
  • Or, you’ve never been to church in your life! Well, why not now?
  • Or, you want to get an idea of the basic ideas that underpin the Christian faith
  • Or, you find the service book intimidating
  • Or, you are anxious about expectations during the service
  • Or, you have just moved to the area and want to get to know the local caring community
  • Or, you’ve suffered a life trauma and want to seek something more

Then, why not try a buddy? You will not be put under any pressure or obligation – the Church of England doesn’t do that! The Gastard congregation is very warm, open, accepting, supportive and welcoming.

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