Parish Giving Scheme

Gastard Church uses the Parish Giving Scheme – a system where people can provide regular financial support to the church through a direct debit. The option to increase donations each year in line with inflation makes this method of giving hassle free. The church benefits from monthly tax refunds through the UK Gift Aid scheme as we are a charity.
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Community Support

As our congregation has gradually aged and diminished over the years, an increasing burden has been borne by fewer pensioners; families are not committing like they used to. However, many people in the community do value the presence of the village church. Our parish community can, therefore, help to maintain the presence of their church for when they might need it, and for future generations. Supporters do not need to be on the church’s electoral roll, or be regular church goers, or even occasional visitors (like Christmas or Easter), or even never go to the church (except for the occasional funeral, for example). And supporters can choose to remain anonymous if they wish: only the national Parish Giving Scheme administration will have your details and under data protection regulations they are not allowed to share details with Gastard Church.

How Do I Support Gastard Church?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

You can set up your donations by telephone, online, or fill out a form as follows:

Gastard Parish Giving By Telephone

Instructions for setting up your donations by telephone: please follow this link. 

They will fill out the necessary direct debit form for you. The church is called Gastard St John the Baptist.

Online Gastard Parish Giving

Go to the Gastard page on the Parish Giving web site. Click on the ‘Give Now’ button. You will need to register on the web site with personal details to permit Gift Aid tax to be reclaimed on behalf of Gastard Church. You can choose the amount, the period (e.g. monthly), whether you wish to remain anonymous (to Gastard Church) and whether you wish to automatically increase your gift each year in line with inflation. You can change your mind or cancel at any time. Your Gift will be covered by the bank’s Direct Debit guarantee.

Gastard Parish Giving by Form

You can fill out a Parish Giving Scheme form if you wish. You can get one by contacting the Gift Aid Secretary: Jill Kent on 01249 730981 or

Alternatively, pick up a form from the church on a service day or during Open Church – daytime through the summer months April to September.

Try a Service

If you decide to give because you value the presence of the village church and if, one day, you decide to see what the church is all about, but you know nothing or very little about it, or don’t know anyone who goes, then … you can ask for a buddy to help you and support you as you go.
Gastard Church Buddy SchemeGastard Buddy Scheme - ask for a buddy to help you if you want to go to church.

Church Planned Givers

People who do attend our church can move from Standing Orders, Cheques, Cash-on-the-plate, or the envelope scheme to the new Parish Giving Scheme. Ask the Gift Aid secretary for details and an application form, or you can go online as above..

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