Gastard Sponsor-a-Hymn

Many people have a favourite hymn that invokes memories from their life. Now is your opportunity to make a special request whilst raising money to help keep our church running!

Do you want to commemorate your wedding anniversary? Perhaps a special Silver wedding?

Or maybe a favourite hymn of a deceased friend or relative on an anniversary of their passing. Maybe a hymn at their funeral that reminds you of them.

Have you suffered a serious illness and are now grateful for your recovery? Thank God for answering your prayers.

Or, you may just have a favourite hymn that fills you with joy!

Whatever the reason, we’d love to help you realise your wishes. But do note that some services may have a theme that means your hymn may not fit. And, of course, the hymn needs to be in our Hymn Book!

There are Sponsor-a-Hymn forms at the back of the church, or you can download:

Please give your form to the church warden, Sandy, 01249 715006. We are requesting a donation of at least £5 so you can help keep our church open for the next generation. Thank you.

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