St John the Baptist Church Gastard – The East Window

The Millenium Window

The Millennium Window
( taken by Jim Sidery )


The congregation, local residents, friends and charities commemorated the Millennium by raising sufficient funds to replace the plain glass of the original window with the stained glass seen above. Bishop John Neale dedicated the window to the Glory of God in 2001.

The window is now known affectionately as THE MILLENNIUM WINDOW.

It was designed and installed by Tony Bristow and represents St John the Baptist, the patron saint of our church, and Gastard’s close association with the mining of stone. Many people in the first congregation were stone workers. The style was chosen to complement the simplicity of the church with its plain but solid workmanship reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

The symbolism may be interpreted in different ways, but it is generally agreed that the Rising Cross, in roughly hewn wood, represents Christ and the Church. The wood is reminiscent of props used in a mine. The water is symbolic of the river Jordan, baptism and the washing away of sin. Around the outside the layers of stone remind us of the earth and the blue arc above of eternity and heaven. The colours of blue, russet and cream harmonise with the tapestry kneelers made by members of the congregation. In the morning sun the light filters through the stained glass and highlights the chancel with colour that is a delight for all to see.

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