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It’s our anniversary!

It was a year ago, in September 2021, that the Parochial Church Council (PCC) of the Churches in Lacock formally acknowledged the climate emergency – recognising that this meant action had to be taken. Eco Church was the tool chosen to help the Churches to assess their current actions in relation to creation care, and to see where progress could be made.

The aim of Eco Church is to better care for God’s world. This is done by considering the whole life of the Church. It covers these five areas:

  • Worship &Teaching
  • Buildings
  • Land
  • Community & Global Engagement
  • Lifestyle

Looking back at a year

Firstly, members of the PCC assessed the current standing of the Church in relation to creation care. This gave a baseline to work from.

In the spring, Lacock’s Eco Church Champion joined with other local Eco Church teams to take part in Corsham’s first Eco Fair. This helped to build relations, to support each other’s efforts.

Since then, it has been wonderful to have a small team of volunteers form to work on Eco Church matters in Lacock. Hopefully you are aware of the ‘Churches Count on Nature’, ‘Swift Awareness Week’, and ‘Big Butterfly Count’ events that the Team organised over the past few months.

The work of better caring for God’s world is not just undertaken by Eco Church Team members, it is something for the whole Church to get behind and work at. For example, behind the scenes there has been painstaking work going on in the churchyard to begin to create conditions to encourage biodiversity. This work can easily go unnoticed but is of the utmost importance. And the newly-appointed Fairtrade Champions have ensured we are up-to-date as a Fairtrade Church.

Looking ahead

This September (2022) we are reassessing the Churches’ standing in relation to creation care. We know we have improved in some ways but there is still much more to be done – especially as we work towards the Church of England’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Look out for the new logo! It will help you to identify Lacock Eco Team activities and news.

If you have any feedback on our recent events or would be interested in joining ‘Lacock Churches Eco Team’ please do make contact via email on: