Growing in Faith

These websites may help you in your journey with God

Christianity tells you more about Jesus Christ.  YesHeIs has a variety of useful online resources exploring aspects of Christianity and people’s stories.

Bible Gateway and Bible Hub have some very handy tools to help you explore the Bible, in several different translations.

Finally, Lego fans will enjoy The Brick Bible for Kids

Spiritual Accompaniment
Spiritual Accompaniment is a process of accompanying someone to help them discern the place and work of God in their life, and to deepen that relationship. It is a confidential, prayerful relationship of trust between two people of faith, in which one listens to the other, enabled by the Holy Spirit, in discerning, supporting, affirming, and offering guidance in the life-long journey of spiritual maturity. Also known as spiritual direction, it has been part of the practice of the Church since early times. Often thought to be only for clergy and those in religious orders, it is available for any Christian who wants to grow in faith and spiritual practice. Length and frequency of meetings is a matter of choice, however meeting for an hour every 6 to 8 weeks is typical.

A Spiritual Director offers:

    • a safe and secure relationship in which to explore God’s call and direction in your life
    • time for YOU, especially valuable in the midst of a busy life
    • encouragement and affirmation, without leading or deciding for you
    • a place in which to explore questions and difficulties of faith
    • guidance in exploring fresh approaches to prayer
    • the discipline of self-examination and being accountable to another
    • companionship during a period of discernment or change

In the South-West, the South-West Spiritual Directors’ Network provides a way of putting people who would like Spiritual Accompaniment in touch with the people who offer this. They are men and women, ordained and lay, and from many Christian denominations. They have been through a process of discernment and training, and are aware of the riches of spiritual wisdom in scripture and our Christian heritage. They are committed to their own growth in responding to the invitation of God to know and love Him.

For Bristol Diocese (and the city of Bristol) contact:
Mike James,, 01275 393729

You can also find out more by talking to your own minister. He can give you more information and can put you in touch with someone so that you can have an initial chat. If it does not work out, either side may withdraw without embarrassment, and further suggestions may be given, to enable you to find the best guide for you. To help with this he will ask about your preferences, such as male/female, ordained/lay, close to home or further afield, spiritual tradition, and any particular areas in which you seek help.

(Edited article by South-West Spiritual Directors’ Network, submitted by Revd Richard Hovey.)