It is wonderful that you are thinking about baptism or wishing to have your child Christened.  We would be delighted to welcome all, of any age, who come to us seeking baptism into the world-wide Christian church family and we, as a Church, will support you as you take this important step on your journey of faith.  It is a very important decision and not one to be taken lightly.  We offer two options for parents – Christening and Thanksgiving.

Christenings (also known as Baptism) take place at special Events at St. Bartholomew’s Church or at selected Family Services at any of our churches.  Other dates may be available depending on clergy availability.

Please note that with effect from 1st March 2024, the parish of Lacock will be leaving the Greater Corsham Team of churches to join a new grouping with St Peter’s Chippenham, under the leadership of Revd Si Dunn. If you are enquiring about a Baptism (Christening) or Thanksgiving service at Lacock, please contact him at or on 07359 144207

When you have your baby baptised, you are declaring that you would like your child to grow up knowing God’s love and to follow Jesus for the rest of their life as a member of his Church. During the service, parents and godparents are asked to declare that they are followers of Jesus and promise that they will bring the baby up in the knowledge and love of Christ as Lord and to live according to his teachings.

These are serious promises and it is important that parents have a chance to think through the meaning of baptism and perhaps use this opportunity to reflect on their own faith. Therefore, we ask everyone to attend a Christening Preparation session held on a Saturday morning at St. Bartholomew’s Church beforehand.   We encourage all who are seeking to have their children christened to attend services with them such as Early Bird at St. Bartholomew’s and Family Services at any of the churches (find out more here), so they can get to know the church into which they will be welcomed and nurtured in faith.

Many parents feel that they would like to say ‘thank you’ to God for a new life and a new addition to the family, but are as yet unsure about whether they can fully commit to the Christian faith.  The service of ‘Thanksgiving for the birth of a child’ offers an opportunity to simply say ‘thank you’.  A Thanksgiving can form part of a main Sunday Service, but it can also be a separate and more private occasion. With Thanksgiving, there is no need to make any public promises to God.

We hope this will help you start to think about what kind of commitment you are ready to make and therefore what sort of service you would like to request for your child. If you have any questions, please contact and we will be happy to provide further information including an application form and liaise with you regarding dates for the christening/thanksgiving and preparation session.  We will also be happy to help organise a christening for any adults who wish to take this important step on their own journey in faith.  Useful information can also be found at